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2006 Pinot Noir

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100% Pinot Noir

The owner of the vineyard called our winemaker and asked him if he was interested in getting 1.5 tons of Pinot that was ready to pick. He said that a Portland winery could not get the last 1.5 tons of fruit on their truck so they left it. He had heard that Steffan is a huge Pinot Noir lover, so thought of him first. Long story short, we got the Pinot in 2006 and released the first vintage in May 2008. 69 cases made. The 2007 is our second vintage with the same small production. The vineyard is 29 years old with an elevation of 1800 ft and sandy loam soil. The Pinot produced from this vineyard definitely has a WA touch to it. It’s bigger than your average Pinot, with more extraction in color and mouth-feel. This a delicious and completely unique Pinot!